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Why Did It Have To Be You (Prologue)


Why Did It Have To Be You?

Ever since I first looked at him, I knew that there was something else.

Every time he’d approach me, my heart would start beating like crazy.

Every time he’d stand next to me, I’d freeze.

Every time he’d talk to me, I’d not look into his eyes because I’m afraid that I will melt right in front of him.

Every time he’d put his arm around my shoulder during pictures, there’d be a different form of electricity that’ll flow right through my body.

Was this enough to conclude that I’m.. in love with him?

Because of my shyness, I couldn’t tell him what I really, really felt.

Though I wanted to confess, I was afraid that he might not feel the same way.

Will I have to wait until it’s too late?

Will I forever be the shy girl?
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